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Using Genius Platform APIs

The most powerful
Contract Intelligence platform.

Create your own applications using Genius

Question and answer Services

The Genius Platform recognizes over 100 contract types, and 1,000 different Clauses and Terms.
You can create your own web applications, RPA automations, user experiences, Slack and Teams Bots or Virtual Agents powered by Genius.
The Genius Platform REST API makes it easy to integrate Genius!

Genius reads and analyzes 1st party, 3rd party and “Legacy” Contracts

Genius performs contract review of any contract document. Instantly!

Instant Contract Analysis

The Genius ICA Rest API instantly analyzes any contract then provides a JSON object containing the detected clauses and terms within.
This capability can be triggered via emails with contract attachments or used within Word or Google Documents.

You can use the ICA output to visually guide users to understand what Genius learns about each contract analyzed.

Genius Enrich

Genius enriches key systems of record like CLMs, ELMs, ERPs and CRMs with the data generated reading contracts.
Genius can bulk ingest large volumes of contract and generates JSON objects for each contract it analyzes.
Genius can convert both text and image-based contracts with great accuracy and speed.

Genius easily enriches CLMs and ELMs with data from Legacy Contracts.

Genius simplifies and speeds contract intelligence

Genius Compare

Genius produces a “digital fingerprint” of every contract, clause and term it reads.
This underlying capability also enables Genius to accurately compare any two clauses or text passages for similarity.
Advanced vector algorithms are used to compute the similarity of those clauses regardless of word choice or order.
Compare facilitates contract review, clause playbook execution and many other use-cases.
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