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Genius Delivers The "Intelligence" For Customer Engagement

A primary challenge in automating conversations via virtual agent and chatbot platforms is the lack of “intelligence” these solutions possess.

The Genius Platform solves this problem. The answers your customers need are always located in product manuals, fact sheets and web pages. The problem is finding them. Search is a terrible customer experience. Direct answers are better. Genius delivers.

Every question your customers ask needs a manually curated answer. That involves intensive manual work and results in a very rigid customer experience.

Genius harvests meaningful facts and details from your business content. Genius powers conversational experiences using what it learns. That’s conversational intelligence. 

That’s Genius!

The Genius difference

Genius vs Bots/Virtual Agents

Goal: Answer Fact Based Questions, Instantly

Bots and Virtual Agents:

Humans Create the Q&A

The Genius Difference:

Natural Language Intelligence

Genius supplies the answers to your Bots and Virtual Agents

Genius Powered Bots/Virtual Agents

Genius Powered Chatbot & Virtual Agent Deployments
Your stakeholders need help and your service desks need an AI powered partner to provide instant answers to inquiries.

Genius combined with standard chatbots or virtual agent services provide this experience. Don’t search. Find the answers you need, instantly. That’s Genius!

Genius Powered Virtual Support

Genius Enabled Portals

Self-Service Portals

Genius enables instant, pain-free self service
Genius provides relief to IT, HR, CS & Presales service desks overloaded with questions and requests.
Genius powered self-service provides the instant, accurate answers to your customers, employees, partners and investors.

Assisting Call Center Agents

Instant Access to Facts in Your Technical Documents
Your customer service agents need help! Genius delivers.
When agents need answers, Genius instantly provides the technical information your team needs to accelerate resolution times effectively, resulting in happier customers and increased revenues.

Call Center Genius

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“27% of respondents report at least 5% of EBIT attributable to AI”
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“30% of digital commerce revenue growth will be attributable to Artificial Intelligence technologies”
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