Conversational Intelligence

Genius™ Powers Virtual Agents and ChatBots

Genius easily powers Virtual Call Centers, Bots, and Self-Service with details contained in your business content

Simplifying Self-Service. That's Genius!

Using Genius removes the need to manually create and curate Question & Answer pairs needed for self-service conversations.

Genius reads product, service and policy documentation and can answer user questions, instantly.

Genius works with the most popular conversational AI platforms to simplify self-service deployments.

Take your "Tier 0" Virtual Agents to the next level!

Your marketing, IT, HR, customer service and other teams require new ways to boost deflection rates. Give your stakeholders answers, instantly. That’s Genius!

Immediate Responses Using Facts contained in your Content!

Genius simplifies deployments of virtual agents and makes them smarter. That’s Genius!

Genius Powered Virtual Agents And Chatbots

All Companies Need Smarter Virtual Agents

Simplifying self-service boosts revenue, lowers risk, avoids conflicts and improves customer satisfaction. That’s Genius!

Genius is the fastest, most economical way to simplify and improve your Tier 0 conversational experiences!

Smartly engage your stakeholders during every phase of their journey across all channels using Genius.

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