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Genius™ Intelligent
Contract Search Application

Genius ICS converts your contract documents into strategic data sources

Find what’s important in your contract SOURCES. Instantly!

Genius learns, maps and organizes all the vital facts stored in your contract related documents.

Genius detects and classifies a wide array of contract clauses, terms and data points.

Genius provides instant answers about facts and patterns found in your contracts.

Optimize your most important business relationships

Your sales, procurement, IT, legal and customer success teams all need to access and analyze facts and details buried within and among contract related documents.

Every day Precious
time is wasted

digging through content

Find answers faster! Spend more time creating value. More sales. Happier customers. Faster projects. Fewer mishaps. Less risk. New opportunities. That’s Genius!

Know Everything In Your Contracts Instantly

Your BUSINESS teams rely on vital information buried in huge repositories of contracts

Genius Intelligent Contract Search lowers risks, delivers insight and Identifies business opportunities. That’s Genius!

Genius ICS reads, analyzes your contracts and answers your questions so you can create value for your enterprise.

Genius ICS is designed for business teams to analyze large contract repositories and deliver mission critical information swiftly and easily.

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