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Genius™ Automated
Contract Intelligence

Your contracts contain vital facts about your most
important business relationships

Detecting Risk & Opportunity. That's Genius!

Instantly uncover valuable insights, detect risk & liabilities and accurately prepare your balance sheet.

Genius reads and learns the facts and details buried in contract related documents.

Genius can read from and enrich your Contract Lifecycle Management systems.

Enhanced Precision Contract Lifecycle Management

Your teams in sales, procurement, IT, HR and finance produce enormous volumes of contracts. Contracts describe every important business relationship and are strategically important. With Genius ACI you can easily compare the meanings of clauses, redlines and entire contracts to standardize your legal framework.

Instantly Uncover Valuable Insights Buried in Your Contracts

Most firms don’t have a database of all the information in their contracts …let alone an efficient way to extract, manage and analyze this data. We have the solution. That’s Genius!

Detailed Contract Insights

All Companies Perform Contract Intelligence

Automating contract intelligence speeds revenue, lowers risk, avoids conflicts and improves customer satisfaction. That’s Genius!

Today, your teams are forced to manually find, extract, structure and manage the facts and details buried within and among contract related documents.

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) applications lack a system of intelligence for all the vital facts and details buried within contract related documents.

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