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Critical Intelligence From Your Contracts, Instantly. That's Genius!

Sales, procurement, finance, legal and other teams rely on important details contained in contracts. The Genius Platform has special AI models that understand business contracts and can read huge volumes at lightning speeds. We have created two contract-related applications that extract and classify what’s important in your contracts.

Ask Questions Of Your Contracts

Intelligent Contract Search

ICS finds what’s important in your contracts. Instantly!
Your contracts contain vital data your teams need every day to drive growth, manage spending, ensure compliance and avoid risk. The problem is the intense manual effort required to find needed details buried in your large contract repositories.
Genius Intelligent Contract Search (ICS) solves this problem. Genius ICS uses AI designed specifically for business teams to analyze large repositories of contracts swiftly and easily.

Genius ICS reads and analyzes your contracts. Unlike search engines, ICS answers your questions so you can better perform work, solve problems, engage customers and create value for your enterprise. That’s Genius!

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Automated Contract Intelligence

Strategic Business Intelligence from Contracts
Most firms don’t have a database of all the information in their contracts – let alone an efficient way to extract, manage, and analyze this data. The Genius Contract Intelligence SaaS Application solves this problem.

Genius CI uses an ensemble of deep-learning models and other AI to read and analyze large contract repositories. Genius CI organizes what it learns into a powerful contract knowledge graph. This enables amazing new capabilities for your teams to unlock the power of your contracts as a “data source.”

Detailed Contract Insights

With Genius CI, you can instantly uncover valuable insights, better assess risks, detect liabilities, find opportunities, and accurately prepare your balance sheet. With Genius CI you can easily compare the meanings of clauses, redlines and entire contracts to standardize your legal framework. That’s Genius!

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