Content Intelligence

Genius™ Powered
Document Repositories

Spend more time engaging customers rather than digging for facts in documentation

Instant insight to facts buried in your Document Repositories

Like Alexa for your business content. Our AI provides the facts hidden in your document repositories so you can know everything faster. That’s Genius!

Speeds the work of your teams in sales, marketing, legal, finance, compliance, procurement, HR and IT.

Enables new forms of engagement with your customers, investors, employees, and partners.

Creating and storing data is great. Instantly accessing facts is Genius!

Intelligence is what makes companies competitive. Today’s AI is convenient but not strategic. Genius on the other hand uses deep learning to understand the facts from your business content. This gives enterprises the intelligence they need to out maneuver the competition. That’s Genius!


Genius Everywhere

Stop Searching.
Just Ask. That's Genius!

Search is broken. We’ve created the solution. Don’t just search, know instantly the facts buried in your business content.

Focus your time on increasing the bottom line instead of grinding through mountains of reports and spreadsheets.

Repurpose time spent on combing through project details to more strategic, revenue impacting activities.