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Content Intelligence

Instant Answers Extracted From Your Business Content.

People, processes and programs use data to create value. The problem is that 80-90% of enterprise data is buried in documents, emails, messages, transcripts and related files. Genius solves this problem by reading and learning facts buried across your content sources to answer questions. Find answers faster and spend more time creating value. More sales. Happier customers. Faster projects. Fewer mishaps. Less risk. New opportunities. That’s Genius!

Know Everything. Faster!

Sales Enablement

Easily gather the granular information needed to most effectively sell your products and services.

Human Resources

Increase employee satisfaction by providing self-service answers about policies, procedures, and benefits.

Finance and Accounting

Focus your time on increasing the Foi bottom line instead of grinding through mountains of reports and spreadsheets.

Supply Chain

Streamline the gathering and monitoring of events that may impact supply and logistics.

Customer Success

Quickly anticipate what your customers need to maximize their value from your offerings.

Customer Support

Spend more time engaging customers rather than digging for facts in documentation.

Legal and Risk Management

Simplify monitoring the provisions, liabilities and risk factors in agreements.


Access trapped data needed to drive productivity and perform at peak effectiveness.


Develop data insights by analyzing social media content, product reviews, competitor content, etc.

Project Management

Repurpose time spent on combing through project details to more strategic, revenue impacting activities.

Document Repositories

Instant Answers from Facts in Your Business Documents
In the modern enterprise, less than 20% of information is stored in a queryable database. The rest is unstructured. Your contracts, product documents, employee manuals, marketing materials, correspondence and project files are unstructured. There is literally too much unstructured data in your organization for people to process into useful forms.

Genius powered Content Intelligence solves this problem! Genius harvests meaningful facts and details from your business content across your storage systems into a single, powerful AI enabled knowledge graph database. This gives Genius the power to answer questions from all the documents in your enterprise.

Instant Insights From Documents

Genius Productivity

Email, Contacts, Calendar

Genius powered instant insights into the business tools you use everyday!
Your email, contacts and calendar are a treasure trove valuable information. Digging through your email account to find what you need to know is a pain.

Genius solves this problem. Simply ask a question about details buried in your calendar, contacts or email and Genius provides your answer.

Git/Code Repositories

Let Genius find the answer for you instantly.
Finding the info you need to complete your projects shouldn’t require you to fill out dozens of search fields or spend hours hunting through large code and documentation repositories. Instantly get the answers your team needs and get on with your day.

Don't Search. Just Ask.


When you work on projects or interact with internal and external stakeholders, you
need data that’s buried in your business content.

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