Trust Center

Trust, security and privacy are key values to Cognizer. Use our Trust Center to learn how we keep your data safe, secure and compliant.
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Information Security

Genius™ is Enterprise AI with end-to-end information security protections. We implement risk-based and
standards-based security protocols to secure both our services and customer data.

Genius™ Client Interfaces

Genius™ Platform Interfaces and Services

Content Repositories
Vaulted with AES 256-bit GCM encryption

Your Data and Privacy

Cognizer builds technology responsibly. Here are the trust
principles we apply as we develop Genius™.


We comply with international data privacy regulations, including GDPR and CCPA. Learn more about how we handle your personal data.


We perform due diligence on all vendors that support the delivery of our products and services. A subprocessor is a vendor that Cognizer uses to process personal data on behalf of our customers. You can find a list of our subprocessors here.

User Metrics

We may collect and analyze data about our customers’ usage of our products, including technical logs, account and login information, frequency of logins, the volume of data uploaded, and number of models deployed, feature usage and engagement. We use this data to review user trends and performance, improve and develop our products, and assist with customer support.


Cognizer builds technology responsibly. Here are the
trust principles we apply as we develop Genius™.


We are transparent about the data we collect, share, and use so our customers can rely on the products and services they use.


We design, build and maintain secure and resilient systems to ensure data confidentiality and continuity of business.

User Focus

We act with integrity and ethics while protecting our evolving user community's requirements.


We don't just comply with existing regulations. As data innovation evolves, our ethical data practices evolve, too.


We implement standards, tools, and technologies to support secure, persistent, and reliable services.

Explainable AI

We adhere to the four core principles of Explainable AI defined by NIST