The Trouble with Search

Everyone knows we are inundated with documents, emails, and files. In most large organizations there are millions of them. In fact, 90% of what we know is locked in documents. When we need answers from CRM, ERP and HR systems, it’s super easy. When we have questions, the answers to which are locked in documents, its excruciating.

The problem is that Enterprise Search is the wrong tool for the job. That’s why at Cognizer we say “Stop Searching. Start Knowing!”

We are endlessly searching for “needles” of insights buried in an ever growing “haystack” of documents. Enterprise Search doesn’t deliver answers; it just delivers lists of documents. Visualize color coding the straw in the haystack, that is what Enterprise Search is doing.

Today, we spend about one whole day every week searching and reading documents. But the volume of documents is doubling every few years. Something has to change. Our time is too precious to be spent this way.

Search is broken.

  • Only 60% of the time we find what we seek.
  • We recreate good work already performed by our teammates.
  • We miss deadlines and feel overwhelmed by information.

What’s the cost?

  • The average large US business loses $47 million in productivity each year.
  • About 82% of employees say productivity declines because of poor information management.
  • This lost time translates to 2-5% of lost sales growth – per year!

That’s a lot of wasted time, and a lot of missed opportunities.

Our team at Cognizer has fixed this problem. Our new category of AI called Natural Language Intelligence (NLI) works like a magnet: extracting answers without search.

To put NLI to work for your organization, we built a powerful software platform called the Corporate Brain  Learn how Cognizer’s Corporate Brain can help your company, just click here. Stop Searching. Start Knowing!