Cognizer’s Corporate Brain Platform

The Corporate Brainis a Natural Language Intelligence AI platform. Providing AI enabled Ad-Hoc Q&A services on both unstructured and structured data sources.

Structuring Unstructured Data for Intelligent Workflows

The Brain’s API lets you curate pipelines of deep-learning and natural language processing engines to extract, contextualize, store and disseminate facts from named entities found in unstructured data sources.

How the Brain Works

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The Brain Platform Delivers

  • COTS Natural Langauge Processing AI capabilities
  • Enterprise AI-Powered fact graphdatabase
  • API for apps & workflows
  • Natural language queries on unstrcutreud data
  • Plug-Play HyperUIMA Pipeline “Bus”

The BrainPlatform uses HyperUIMA to Deliver

  • Curated ingest pipeline creation & execution
  • Configurable via API controls
  • Ingest documents in original formats
  • Dramatically improved accuracy
  • Control or prevent senstitive data ingest
  • Redact or mask PII or restricted data
  • Contextualized fact processing
  • Unified plug-play bus extend functionality
  • Horizontal scaling with near infinite memory

The Brain’s Natural Language Intelligence AI Delivers

  • Natural language queries
  • Spoken or typed engagement
  • Optimized questions, answers & learning
  • Training by reading & hearing
  • Fact extraction & storage using hyperframes
  • Hypergraphs materialized at query time

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Corporate Brain TV Episode 1 – Randy Friedman and Jack Porter with Intro

Cognizer CEO Jack Porter interviews Randy Friedman to explore the ideas of collective intelligence & converting trapped & tribal knowledge into insights and & intelligence.

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Cognizer’s Sales and Marketing Chief Randy Friedman interviews CEO Jack Porter to explore the concepts and technology involved in building a “corporate brain”.

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Cognizer CEO Jack Porter interviews Raj Baronia to why organizations need new forms of Artificial Intelligence to achieve agility and leverage the knowledge they have already produced.

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Cognizer CEO Jack Porter and CTO Soundar Velu are interviewed by Randy Friedman as they discuss the difference between Natural Language Processing AI and Cognizer’s new category of AI – Natural Language Intelligence.

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Corporate Brain TV Episode 5 – Natural Language Intelligence at Scale

Randy Friedman interviews Cognizer CEO Jack Porter and CTO Soundar Velu as they discuss the technical requirements to scale Natural Language Intelligence to process billions of facts from millions of documents, email and messages.

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Corporate Brain TV Episode 6 – How Corporate Brains differ from Knowledge Management systems

Randy Friedman interviews Cognizer CTO Soudnar Velu and CEO Jack Porter as they explain how Knowledge Management systems work and how they are differ from AI powered Corporate Brains.

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Randy Friedman interviews Cognizer founders Soundar Velu and Jack Porter as they discuss how search engines work and why they are badly suited to finding information for knowledge workers.

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Cognizer corporate brain explainer short video

Cognizer Ai has created the first deep-learning AI (Artificial Intelligence) -powered Corporate Brain that works seamlessly with Box™ to harvest and instantly disseminate knowledge to solve business problems.

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