Stop Recreating Work

Our work requires answering questions and developing ideas. We need insights to do both. The facts and intelligence we seek exists –  it’s part of the “collective intelligence” of our organization. Problem is, about 40% of the time we just can’t find what we seek and need to perform our work.

When this happens, we have no choice but to recreate work already performed by our teammates. Something is broken.

  • First, we are awash in documents, the volume is doubling every few years.  Documents are not knowledge, but they contain the answers we seek. Unfortunately, extracting answers from documents has been excruciatingly difficult.
  • Second, the insights we need are often trapped in the heads of our teammates. This is called Tribal Knowledge, and it’s not documented.

Recreating work is a big problem, it’s very costly.

  • We spend one day a week searching and reading documents to do our work. Cost – lost time, sales and opportunities.
  • We face chronic delays – 66% of project delays will last up to one week and 12% will last a month or more. Cost – time to market.
  • We are less productive, overwhelmed by too much information and frustrated. Cost – lost time and ROI on our human capital.

Studies show that 42% of tribal knowledge is unique and not shared amongst coworkers. When an employee leaves their job, we have to recreate all that work. We spend countless hours recreating work that’s already been done. Thats crazy!

Cognizer, the Corporate Brain solves these problems:

  • The Brain’s Natural Language Intelligence AI instantly extracting intelligence from documents, email, folders, enterprise systems, etc.
  • The Brain remembers everything it learns and hears. That makes it easy to capture, store and make productive use of Tribal Knowledge discussed in meetings.
  • The Brain delivers facts and insights proactively, so your teams no longer need to search.

Download our free white paper here to learn about how your company can leverage the Corporate Brain to solve your problems.  “Stop Searching, Start Knowing!”

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