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augmented intelligence

Boosting deflection rates requires answering questions, instantly

Know Everything, Faster!
Just Ask Genius

Sales Enablement

Easily gather the granular information needed to most effectively sell your products and services.

Finance and Accounting

Focus your time on increasing the bottom line instead of grinding through mountains of reports and spreadsheets.

Customer Success

Quickly anticipate what your customers need to maximize their value from your offerings.

Legal and Risk Management

Simplify monitoring the provisions, liabilities and risk factors in agreements.


Develop data insights by analyzing social media content, product reviews, competitor content, etc.

Human Resources

Increase employee satisfaction by providing self-service answers about policies, procedures, and benefits.

Supply Chain

Streamline the gathering and monitoring of events that may impact supply and logistics.

Customer Support

Spend more time engaging customers rather than digging for facts in documentation.


Access trapped data needed to drive productivity and perform at peak effectiveness.

Project Management

Repurpose time spent on combing through project details to more strategic, revenue impacting activities.

Raise Your Instant IQ... That's Genius

Imagine you could ask Alexa about
any fact or detail buried in your files and
messages. That’s Genius!

Genius reads product, service and policy documentation and can answer user questions, instantly.

Genius reads and learns the facts and details buried in your apps, systems, etc.

just ask

just ask. genius answer. instanty!

ready to learn more about genius?

Every day Precious
time is wasted digging through content

Find answers faster! Spend more time creating value. More sales. Happier customers. Faster projects. Fewer mishaps. Less risk. New opportunities. That’s Genius!


Stop Searching.
Just Ask. That's Genius!

When you work on projects or interact with internal or external
stakeholders, you need data that’s buried in your business content.
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Knowledge workers spend up to thirty-five percent of their time searching for information. (IDC and McKinsey)


Genius responds to questions about facts buried in business content in less than two seconds on average. 


Discover how Genius supercharges Digital Transformation