Setting Up The Chrome Extension

Last modified: December 24, 2021
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Setting Up The Chrome Extension

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Setting Up The Chrome Extension

Please follow the step-step guide on how to install the Chrome Extension

The Chrome Marketplace

  • Please click on this link to go to the Chrome market place. 

  • Click on the Add to Chrome button. On click,
    a pop up will appear where Chrome lets you to add the extension. Please click on Add extension.

  • Once the Chrome extension has been added successfully, the browser will notify you. A pop-up window will be displayed as show in image below. Click Turn on Sync.

Pinning The Extension

Optional step – You can pin the extension for quick and easy access by clicking on the “Extensions” icon on the address bar and pin Genius™.

  • The screen would appear like this.

Verifying Success

  • Once you login to one of the accounts set up in the previous step, you will see the Genius™ panel on the right side of the page, and Genius™ will help you to answer.
  • Click on Login Button displayed on Genius™ Chrome Extension dashboard, where you need to set up your account, once set up is complete refresh the page.


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