Connecting My OneDrive Account

Last modified: December 24, 2021
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Connecting My OneDrive Account

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Connecting My OneDrive Account

Please follow the step by step guide on how to connect a OneDrive Account

Connecting Your Account

  • Login into your Genius™ account
  • Go to Settings and on top choose Content Sources section.

  • Click on the Add button on below the DropBox icon under Add Source.

  • A pop-up window will be displayed, describing the types of files Genius™ will analyze, click Continue.

  • You will be redirected to a login page of Microsoft, please enter your OneDrive credentials (or select the account) to log in (you can choose if you want stay signed in or not, this does not impact the connection of OneDrive account with Genius™).

Requesting Approval

  • If you are redirected to the “Permission” page please click on “Yes” (you will not see this page if you are already connected to Genius™ before or your enterprise admin has approved Genius™ app).If you do not see this page skip to the step 7

  • If you have an enterprise account where the admin needs to approve the app, you need to request access. If not please skip to the next step. Please enter a message for the admin to notify and click on “Request approval. More Details of enterprise admin approval process – Connecting My Corporate OneDrive Account


  • To determine which files should be analyzed, navigate to the right pane of the window. You will see the below message describing your analysis options.

  • If you select Yes, use them all and continue, Genius™ will analyze every applicable file in your Content Source and provide a success message.
  • If you select No, let me pick you will be provided with options to either select which files you want to be analyzed or omitted from being analyzed.

  • Selecting the Allow List option will allow you to choose each file to be analyzed. All other files in the Content Source will be not be analyzed by Genius™ and will not be used to answer Genius™ questions.
  • Selecting the Deny List option will allow you to choose only the files you do not want to be analyzed. All the other files in the Content Source will be analyzed by Genius™ and used to answer Genius™ questions.

  • Select the files you wish to have analyzed or omitted, depending on your previous selection and click the Analyze selected folder(s) button to continue.

Verifying Success


  • You have successfully connected your OneDrive account to Genius™. Verify it by going into the Content Sources tab and checking the details under Connected Sources section.

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