Cognizer provides 3 business-critical solutions

Cortex is one of the largest and most sophisticated deep learning models ever created for legal contracts. Pre-trained on millions of contracts and then fine tuned on hundreds of thousands of annotated Terms and Clauses, Cortex provides an average accuracy of over 95%.

Genius Application Suite

Genius is an application that supports Web, Mac, and PC.  Leveraging multiple Large Language Models, it is design to support business executives and legal experts with critical information from their contracts.  Users can have a conversation with their contracts and see a detailed explanation of how the AI determined the answer.  Genius provides analytics, insights, and a detailed understanding of your contracts.

Genius’s X-Ray viewer allow the user to quickly see the important terms and clauses in your contracts in a tree view next to the text of the document.  Select an item in the tree view and the viewer will automatically highlight the text in the document.  It will show the definition and each occurrence of the term in the contract.

Instant Contract Analyzer