Sharing Feedback On Genius Answers

Please follow this step-by-step guide on sharing feedback for Genius answers.

Login to your Genius account using your email/username and password. If you have logged in previously using LinkedIn/Google, click on that option.

  • Login to your document source.
  • Go the question bar and ask the question, once Genius provides you the answer there will be four options displayed below the answer bubble where you will be able to give feedback.

  • You can provide your feedback as follows:
  1. Thumbs up – Hit a Thumbs up icon if the answer is correct, the icon will be highlighted.
  2. Thumbs Down – Hit a Thumbs up icon if the answer is correct,the icon will be highlighted.
  3. Comment – A pop-up window will be displayed where You can share your comment and click on Submit. You can give a Thumbs Up or down along with a comment.

3. 1. A banner will be displayed on top right corner after sharing your feedback.

  4.  Remember This – This feature enables user to train Genius by overriding the responses with your own facts.You can Delete or Update your answer    stored in Remember This. A pop-up window will be displayed that stores the answer that is manually entered by you for future use if the same question is asked. Click on the Remember This button once you enter the answer.

      4.1 Success message is displayed once after the answer is added to Genius. Click “Okay”.




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