Selecting Files For Genius To Analyze

Setting Up Your Account

  • Once you connect your account, you need to setup either by clicking on Yes, continue or Advanced Option. If you cannot reach this, you can click on the Manage button.


Navigating to Advanced Options

  • Click on No,let me pick for Advanced Option.

You will find two options here:

    1. Allow List – Select this option if want to allow folders that you want Genius to process

    2. Deny List – Select this option if want Genius to process everything besides few folders
      In addition to this, you can also choose if you want shared files/folders to be processed or not.

Note: If you want to change this option, you need to unlink and add the account again.

After selecting one of the options, click Next.

Selecting Your Files

  • You will be re-directed into another page with two-sections – on the left you can search for folders in your document source and the right are the ones you have selected to skip or allow (from the left).

  • Search for the folder (E.g. Agreement in this case)
  • Check the folder you want to Allow/Deny. You can also go to the folder directly from here to view which files are present.
  • Once checked, the folder will move to the right side of the screen to the Allow/Deny List.
  • You can follow the same process to add more folders. If you want to remove any folder, just uncheck the folder from the right side.
  • Click on Skip Analysis and Proceed to complete the process.
  • If you have completed the process, a pop-up window will be opened with Success message, you can click on No, Go Back (or you can stay and add/remove more folders).

  • After completing the process, if you want to add/remove folders, you can click on the Manage button.


Check out the video to learn more – Selecting Files For Genius To Analyze
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