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Please follow the step by step guide on how to add a Genius to your enterprise account

Authorizing The App

Login to your Admin console

Go to “Enterprise Application” under Azure services

Click “User Settings” under Manage on the left side menu

Click “Yes” for the option “Users can request admin consent to apps they are unable to consent to” under Admin consent requests

Once enabled, the “Select users to review admin consent requests” (along with few more options) will be on, you need to click on “Select admin consent request reviews” to select who will receive the request for permissions.

From the list select the admin(s) who can approve a request. Once selected the text “Select admin consent request reviewers” will change to no. of admins selected.

Click on the “Save” button above the page title to save these settings.

Plugin installation progress

Connecting Your Account

Login into your Genius account

Go to the Accounts section located at the top of the page

Click on the “Add” button on below the OneDrive icon under Add Account

You will be redirected to a login page of Microsoft, please enter your Sharepoint credentials (or select the account) to log in (you can choose if you want to stay signed in or not, this does not impact the connection of Sharepoint account with Genius)

Requesting Approval

If you have an enterprise account where the admin needs to approve the app, you need to request access. If not please skip to the next step. Please enter a message for the admin to notify and click on “Request approval. More Details of enterprise admin approval process – Connecting My Corporate Sharepoint Account

Verifying Success

You have successfully connected your Sharepoint account to Genius. Verify it by going into the “Account” tab and checking the details under “Connected Account section”

Approving Consent Requests

On the same User Settings page go to “Admin consent requests (Preview)” under Activity.

“Refresh” the screen if required

Click on the App and select “Review permissions and consent”. You can click on “Requested by” to view who has requested it.

A pop up will open where you need to login to your Microsoft again.

Once logging in, you will see the permissions page, on this page you need to hit “Accept”

The permission is now granted, now anyone can connect to Genius. The admin needs to grant permission once.

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