Instead Of Searching, Ask Questions . . . . Who Knew?

What are you searching for?

We often get asked, “Isn’t Genius™ just a better search engine?” Fair question, since searching is what we are all used to doing when we want information, and Genius™ is a brand-new way to access your information, powered by AI.  

When we encounter something brand new, we always compare it to what we are already familiar with.  Genius™ delivers answers to questions, and search engines deliver answers to questions too, right?

Actually “No”.  Genius™ is not a search engine, and search engines do not deliver answers to questions. Busy professionals have a lot of content ―documents, email and messages ― which we have no choice but to search all the time… but what are we really searching for?

  1. We search for content to author or edit, like proposals, presentations or a report we have yet to complete.
  2. We search for content that was shared with us or content we need to share with others, for example, emails or documents related to our clients.
  3. We search for content to discover the details buried inside.

Why Genius™: Asking vs Searching for Answers

We all use search engines, and we have grown accustomed to playing buzz-word bingo when typing in keywords that we “hope” will result in the list of documents we want. If you’re lucky, one of the top results in your first guess will point you in the right direction. Generally, however, you’ll have to go through multiple results, or pages of results, to find the right one. Even when you do find the right document (message, or email), you are often left digging through the material to find your answer.

  • Asking delivers answers in the form of details and facts. 
  • Searching delivers lists of items that may contain those details and facts.  

Busy professionals have a lot of content ―documents, email, and messages ― and the more content you have the longer it takes to find your answer. As busy people, we all know that searching for answers is a frustrating, time-consuming, and often inefficient experience.

Think of your content as containers.  Documents, emails and messages contain the details, facts, and insights you want to know.  For example, when you are searching for a document to edit, you need the container, not the data locked within it.  However, when you have a question, you need the data locked within its container, not the container itself.  

Asking Genius™ is an entirely different experience than using keywords to search for answers. 

When you ask Genius™, it delivers the fact or detail you need. You get answers instantly and can immediately move forward with your work. That’s Genius™.