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Cognizer Overview

Hyper NLU for Enterprise Box™ Deployments

Cognizers Hyper Natural Language Understanding AI activates every fact, detail and statistic in every document and system at the speed of thought.


The Brain

The Cognizer Brain Natural Language Understanding (HyperNLU) engine lets you ask any question about any fact in the BrainBase using any wording you like. The Brain will also instantly provide relevant business knowledge, we call “BrainWaves”, contextualized to the task you are performing at that moment.

Cognizer’s HyperNLU also can listens to conversations to capture and accurately transcribe notes, commitment, and action item which can then automatically be assigned to appropriate workstreams.



Cognizer makes sure you know every fact and detail when you most need it.

Cognizer’s HyperNLU systems reads,retains and recalls every fact, detail and statistic from every document, email, and dataset in your enterprise along with every fact in Wikipedia, DBPedia, Freebase, WordNet, Thesaurus and dozens of other knowledge bases.



Cognizer produces personalized knowledge dashboards that put any knowledge you need at your fingertips instantly.

Cognizer’s Hyper NLU assists you during every conversation and meeting by listening and providing instant knowledge to the topics being discussed. As each important word is spoken, Cognizaer provides every pertinent detail organized in a timeline

Making your Digital Workplace Smarter with Cognizer


Cognizer Solutions

Workstream Optimization

Research shows only 75% of knowledge workers take notes in meetings, and 85% of the commitments made in an organization are never even captured or acted upon. Cognizer supercharges project and program management functions by capturing and assigning every note, commitment, and action item and monitors appropriate workstreams to completion.

Relationship Optimization

Relationships generate value, be they with a person, company, project, location, technology, etc. Cognizer tracts all interactions you have in every relationship it monitors and produces a comprehensive dashboard that makes recommendations on how it can enhance each relationship.

Time Optimization

Executives are overwhelmed by busy and tight schedules, overlapping commitments, and large volumes of correspondence. Cognizer saves time for executives by removing the need to search for facts and information they need to do their job and optimizes time by removing now unneeded meetings and prioritizing tasks based on the value to the enterprise.

Workplace Culture Optimization

Research shows that a strong corporate culture improves enterprise performance, agility and productivity. Cognizer analyzes the sentiment of the information flowing into the Corporate Brain and turns this Sentiment analysis into measurable insights across teams, customers, projects, initiatives, or decisions. Surveys and suggestions can be included to resolve issues and enhance the understanding of the situation.

Cloud Document Optimization

Storing enterprise documents in cloud repositories like Google Drive and Box generates security and logistical challenges. Cognizer resolves the primary logistical challenges by removing the wasted time searching for and extracting needed information. Cognizer resolves the primary security challenges by ensuring that data leakage, BYOD (bring your own device) and snooping problems are prevented before they can occur. Cognizer applies the required corporate data and document access governance rules wherever and in whatever form data is used.

Business Intelligence Optimization

Analyzing data and presenting actionable information to help executives, managers and other corporate end users make informed business decisions. Cognizer analyzes all corporate data in real time, applying advanced analytics and PhD level mathematics to data in the Corporate Brain on the fly. Cognizer unlocks data trapped in email, documents, transcripts etc. and readies that information for analysis into measurable insights.

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About Us

We are experts in NLU and Deep Learning AI systems.

Our team has more than 100 combined years of experience in delivering AI, deep learning, cognitive and distributed enterprise grade computing systems.

Cognizer Innovations

Cognizer is powered by a massively parallel software architecture powered by a pipeline of three linguistic engines, three neural networks, and two deep sentiment engines that provides results significantly superior to any of the systems individually.

Cognizer For Box™

Cognizer seamlessly integrates within your Box deployments to ensure that your teammates are instantly served up all the contextualized knowledge they need to excel in their work and maximize the productive use of their time.

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Our Team


Dr. Avi Katz

Founder, Executive Chairman

Avi is a serial entrepreneur and active high-tech angel investor, who has spent nearly 30 years in international executive positions.


Jack Porter

Founder & CEO

A serial entrepreneur and he has been the CEO of 10 successful software companies, with 3 decades in AI space.


Soundar Velu


Is a world renowned Distributed Systems, and a 3 times founder. Built one of largest Analytics platforms in the world.


Jeswil Mascarenhas

Head of Technology

Technology Enthusiast with a focus on building distributed systems. Avid reader and keen interest in AI.

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Cognizer is a Bay area based startup, Headquarters in the US and
Having research center in Bengaluru India. and Sales office at UK.

Cognizer Inc, 2470 First St #200A, Livermore, CA 94550