How Genius™ Finds Your Answers

Welcome to our Feature Friday, where every week we talk about a cool Genius™ feature! 

Today, we explore how Genius™ uses our proprietary AI to show and list all the sources from where it found the answer to the question you asked.

By now you are aware that Genius™ is a new type of AI that instantly answers questions with details buried in your own content. Many times, these answers are buried in various content containers, which are spread all over your cloud storage, emails, and messages. Like most professionals, you already have a large and ever-growing amount of these documents which are packed with important details and facts that are easy for the human brain to forget. Anyone who has tried to find a fact or detail by searching through emails, messages, or documents knows that it’s a frustrating pain.

We invented an AI that reads your documents and remembers all those facts and details. Genius™ amplifies your intelligence; it answers the questions you ask instantly because it knows exactly where they are buried. 

Once you share your content with Genius™, it knows where to find the answer you are after.

In the image below, you can see Genius™ working with, one of the most popular cloud content storage services out there. Genius™ can answer any question you ask in the search bar: