Getting Started With Genius™

Cognizer Genius™ is a new AI for professionals.  Genius™ answers questions instantly so you do not have to search your documents, emails, messages and other content.  Alexa for your content – surfacing answers from your personal information, not the public internet.

Genius™ is an application powered by the Cognizer AI platform. Cognizer is an AI software company located in the San Francisco Bay Area and a development center in Bangalore, India.  Our innovation is Natural Language Intelligence, a new category of AI that brings structure to unstructured content like documents, emails, messages, calendars, etc.

The Cognizer AI platform – called the Corporate Brain – learns and remembers all the facts and details generated by companies so it can be used to create opportunity and solve problems.  Genius™ is our product for professionals to do the same. 

Get Early Access to Genius™

For a limited time we are giving FREE early access to Genius™ AI.  With just a few clicks and your email, you can join the Genius™ Innovators group and be among the first people and most innovative who loves early access to the coolest and smartest tech on the market. 

Act fast and get ahead of the crowds before Genius™ AI goes public. To sign up, visit and join our Pre-Launch Innovators Group.

General Availability of Genius™

Genius™ AI will be launched as a paid product with a free usage trial during Q4 2020.  The Cognizer AI platform is also available to enterprise clients; learn more about our AI here

Get Connected

To keep up with the world of the Cognizer and your fellow Genius™es, join the Cognizer Genius™ community. Also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin. When signing up to join our waitlist, you will be invited to our Facebook Group.  You can also contact us at their email,, or send a message through our website portal.

Stop wasting your time looking for trapped information, it’s time to upgrade your search!

You ask, you get answers–instantly. That’s Genius™.  

Stop searching. Start Knowing!