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Just Know The Facts
That's Genius

Genius is your AI. An augmented intelligence system that answers your questions with facts buried in your documents, files, messages and apps.


Just Ask Genius!

Stop Searching. Start Knowing.

Your teammates are impeded when they cannot find the facts they need in overwhelming amounts of files, messages, folders and channels.

Simply connect your most important content sources such as GMail, Outlook, Slack, Google Workspaces, Microsoft 365, Box, Dropbox, SharePoint, OneDrive, Liferay, GitHub, etc.

Then ask questions based on the facts in those documents.

Watch Genius In Action

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Your Documents & Apps

Connect to documents, emails, messages and storage services to start asking questions, instantly; instead of frantically searching.


Genius Works Everywhere You Do

Web Client

Discover the facts within all of your content sources in just one place.

Mobile Apps

Use Genius on your Apple or Android devices.


Genius works alongside popular productivity apps via Browser Extensions.


Embed Genius inside popular Portals like Liferay and Sharepoint.

Window/Mac App

Use Genius directly from your Mac or PC.

Slack Bot

Ask Genius questions while you are working in Slack!


Genius Recommends

Discover questions that you can ask based on information trapped in your documents, emails, messages and more.


Know Why

Understand context of facts, topics and the impact. All from your own content.


Know Who

Important people covered in your documents, emails, messages and more.


Know How Much

Get answers about financial data within your documents, emails and messages.


Know People & Things

Get answers about the topics.


Account Control

Control which apps are used for answers.



Our priority is ensuring your privacy and
enterprise IP remains protected
You control what
Genius reads.
Access to answers in Genius is based on the same ownership and sharing settings of your files and messages.
Genius works with your Identity
Management tools.
Genius adheres to your privacy
and security settings.
No personal information is shared
or exposed beyond the personal
user account.
Discover how Genius can supercharge your digital transformation projects!