Why Genius?

Why Genius?

because your teams need help

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Percentage of business data locked in files and messages
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Annual rate of growth in the volume of business files and messages
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Of enterprise content is

Genius vs Enterprise Search Engines

Goal: Find Needed Information, Instantly

Search Engines:

Humans are the Intelligence

The Genius Difference:

Augments Human Intelligence

Genius Answers, Instantly. Search Engines Don’t.

Genius vs Bots/Virtual Agents

Goal: Answer Fact Based Questions, Instantly

Bots and Virtual Agents:

Humans Create the Q&A

The Genius Difference:

Natural Language Intelligence

Genius supplies the answers to your Bots and Virtual Agents

Genus vs Graph Databases

Goal: Drive Enterprise Insight, Instantly

Graph Databases:

Designed for Structured Data

The Genius Difference:

Structures Unstructured Data

Genius puts the knowledge in your Knowledge Graph


Enterprise Natural Language Intelligence

Genius powers Q+A services, Applications and Automations by finding, extracting,
mapping and structuring facts and details locked in your business content.

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Average reply to a user question

On average, Genius responds in 1 second when a fact is present in the user’s documents, email and messages.

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Faster than people searching

On average, Genius can find an answer 500x faster than a human searching and analyzing lists of documents, emails and messages.

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Average confidence score for answer

Genius is getting smarter as more users ask questions. We use specialized Neural Networks to make Genius more effective.