Controlling and Removing Your Data in Genius™

We know you are concerned with data privacy and security since most of our documents, emails, and messages are now stored in clouds and online apps. 

As a Genius™ user, we want you to understand how you can control the data Genius™ stores, how it reads and classifies your content.

In this blog, we explore how to add, remove, and destroy your data in Genius™.

Adding Data to Genius™

Genius™ comes pre-configured with data our AI uses to read and understand your content. 

When you connect Genius™ to your content repositories – Gmail or Dropbox or Slack  – it learns from your content. 

As Genius™ learns, it adds the facts and details the AI unpacks and extracts from your content, along with the location where facts are found in documents, email or messages, and link it back to your Source Data (your content) which contains each fact, the date and time the fact was learned, the relationships connecting these facts to each other, along with the “access control list” listing other users you have authorized to access your source content.  This is called Learned Data.  

Source data – like documents and emails – are read by but never stored in Genius™. 

Removing Your Data from Genius™

When you remove content from Genius™, it removes the Learned Data associated with that content.  Let’s say you have a contract document previously read by Genius™, containing 200 facts.  When you remove that contract from your repository, it also removes these facts from the Genius™ access list. The same happens when you password-protect a file. The same applies to the content shared with you by others.  

Now, let’s say that one of your vendors shares this same contract with you.  As long as you are entitled to view the shared document, Genius™ will let you access the 200 facts and if your vendor removes your access to the contract, your  Genius™ account will “unlearn” all those facts back again! Is not that Genius™ suffers from short memory span … Genius™ learns answers from content you feed it with and unlearns it all when you remove access. When that information is no longer available, Genius™ won’t even think about it anymore. 

Destroying Your Data in Genius™:  When you delete your Genius™ account, all of your data is destroyed.  This is not happening by accident, and we have backups of your Learned Data and ways to transfer your data to another Genius™ account if you need it.  However, if you purposely close your Genius™ account, all your Learned Data is removed.