Siri Creator and Apple AI innovator Tom Gruber joins Cognizer Board

August 13, 2020 – San Francisco, CA – Cognizer, which builds artificial intelligence (AI) products enabling organizations to instantly tap into their collective intelligence via AI; today announced that Tom Gruber has joined the company’s Board of Directors. Gruber, one of the founders of Siri and later an executive at Apple, brings more than 30 years of executive and AI technology leadership to help Cognizer achieve its mission.

“At Cognizer, we see the role of AI as making people smarter. Tom shares this vision. Tom is the ultimate outside-the-box thinker; creating Siri to make people smarter and happier. Tom is a trusted, respected, disciplined innovator with a wealth of ideas, relationships and technical acumen that will materially improve Cognizer’s corporate and product development,” said Jack Porter, founder and CEO of Cognizer.

“At Cognizer, we build humanistic AI which augments and collaborates with humans instead of competing with them.  Where Siri focused on helping consumers with information found on the web, Cognizer is focused on helping professionals make instant use of troves of facts buried in huge unstructured content repositories. Roughly 80-90% of all corporate information is unstructured and organizations need to structure it before it can be used to solve problems. Tom knows this opportunity as well as anyone and will work with Cognizer as we build the first ever corporate brain.” Porter shared.

“I’m delighted to join the Cognizer Board. I believe in the Company’s vision and mission and look forward to strengthening Cognizer capabilities to build category defining AI products. Imagine if you could ask and be immediately answered about any fact-based question about any activity, relationship, or project in your company? That is the future of AI.”

About Cognizer, Inc

Cognizer invented a new category of artificial intelligence (AI) that enables organizations to instantly tap into the collective intelligence contained within their documents, messages, files, and other unstructured content sources. The company’s AI platform functions as a corporate brain that uses natural language processing, deep-learning, and graph technologies to make an organization’s people, processes, and programs more intelligent and impactful. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area with development offices in India, Cognizer is backed by established investors. For more information, visit


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