Cognizer is the Industry’s

Most Advanced Contract Intelligence Solution

Who We Are

Cognizer as established at the end of 2018. We spent two years building one of the most sophisticated and comprehensive Natural Language Platforms available to large enterprise. In 2021 we began working with four marque enterprise design partners, identifying our market position and value proposition. In 2022, we launched our Contract Intelligence Platform and found ourselves generations in front of our competition and in a market that was ready for disruption.
Cognizer is headquartered in Pleasanton, California, with Research Labs in Bangalore and Hyderabad, India. We have embraced the “new normal” of remote work and have the processes, techonology, and experience to make this a core compenentency.

Our Why

Simon Sinek showed the world the importance of a company finding its “Why” and they how use that statement to improve the world. At its heart, Cognizer is a data science company. We take on the hard problems and provide solutions using advanced science, innovation, and cleverness. Our “Why” is simple and specific.

Use AI to simplify complexity, so we can empower intelligence. 

Our “What” is a user- intuitive application we call Genius and a state-of-the-art and powerful platform we call Cortex. We have aimed this solution at the business-critical solution of Contract Intelligence and are set to completely revolutionize this important segment.

Become a Cognizer

If you are smart, innovative, and have initiative, you can become a Cognizer. At Cognizer, you will learn state-of-the-art technology, both in terms of the most advanced data science and the most powerful enterprise platform. Cognizer is a “Career Building” organization where we provide strong mentorship and support career development. We have two defined programs, called “Path to Leadership” and “Path to Excellence”, to grow your understanding, your skills, and your career potential value. And, we have fun. Our objective at Cognizer is to wake up every morning in anticipation of getting to work with your friends and colleagues to revolutionize the industry.