Cognizer: What Is
Trapped Knowledge?

Your business knowledge is perhaps your most valuable corporate asset, so it makes sense to monetize it in every way possible. Putting your business knowledge to use in real time is strategically vital. That is hard to do when it’s trapped in documents.

Documents are not knowledge. Documents contain knowledge.

For most organizations, the vast amount of their business knowledge resides in documents: emails, proposals, presentations, contracts, manuals, etc. These documents are digitized and stored in sophisticated enterprise content management systems such as, FileNet, OpenText, and in related systems such as Office 365, Google Drive, etc. These systems help users search for documents, using filters, tags, metadata and the like for assistance. “Search” is the operative term. Would you be surprised that up to 35% of your team’s time is wasted searching for information? (Source: KM World)

Right now, the only way an executive or manager can extract knowledge from a document (ex. prepare for a meeting or perform a task) is manually.

We search, then find and read the relevant documents.

We determine which facts are more pertinent and relevant to our task at hand.

We apply that knowledge to the task and ideally remember it for the next time.

Simply put, knowledge is trapped in documents.

Experts cite the need for AI to capture, retain and quickly disseminate knowledge from documents to solve business problems and optimize business processes like these:

Customer Service and Support Operations

Governance, Compliance and Ethical Issues

Human Capital Management/Recruiting Operations

IT Service Management and Help Desk Operations

Sales and Lead Management Operations

Security, Risk and Fraud Operations

Sourcing, Procurement and Vendor Management

Supply Chain Operations

Systems like BoxTM need to be augmented with additional capabilities to activate your business knowledge in real time. In fact, your entire enterprise needs to be augmented with AI.

Many experts point to AI to cure these gaps. Since there are many forms of AI, which form of AI works best to solve this challenge?

Cognizer, the Corporate Brain, answers this question. There are many types of AI. But to solve these types of problems, our team created a new type of AI: Natural Language Intelligence. With our proprietary Natural Language Intelligence, Cognizer learns, retains and proactively disseminates knowledge from documents and enterprise systems in real time. Building the Augmented Enterprise requires the Corporate Brain.

Searching for what you need to know to perform at your best is like having a second job. Who has the time? Stop searching. Start knowing.