A Needle in a Haystack

We professionals need answers, not huge lists of documents and emails to read. Unfortunately, we spend roughly one full day a week looking for or recreating information to do our jobs. Our time is too precious to be spending on anything but creating value.

Why are we stuck in this situation? One of the unintended consequences of Digital Transformation is exponential growth in the volume of digital documents and emails we produce. Most organizations have millions of documents of emails. Enterprise Search lets you query and find a shorter list to inspect. That’s akin to color coding the straw, so you only look at the Blue Straw, and not the Red. But you have to read those documents to get your answers.

What we need is a magnet to pull needles so we can stop endlessly searching and reading. We need this urgently, because the cost of this problem is huge.

Working Council of CIOs, AIIM, the Ford Motor Company and Reuters have found that:

  • Knowledge workers spend from 15% to 35% of their time searching for information.
  • 40% of corporate users reported that they can not find the information they were searching for and have to recreate work instead.

What does this mean? We are both overloaded with information, and yet chronically underinformed. That’s an odd paradox.  Something is intrinsically broken.

Doing our work requires answering questions. The answers are there, they are simply trapped in documents. We can’t find what we need to know. We should never have to recreate good work.

Our team at Cognizer invented a new form of AI – we call Natural Language Intelligence – to fix this paradox. We built a software platform we call the Corporate Brain with a powerful API to allow our clients to use NLI in workstreams. Cognizer’s NLI works like a magnet — pulling “needles” of insight from the growing “haystack” of documents.

The Brain answers free-form questions your teams need to excel at their work. It remembers everything it reads and hears for instant recall.

  • No programming is required
  • No machine learning algorithms need developing
  • No need to search

To explore how Cognizer can help your organization “Stop Searching, Start Knowing”, click here.

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