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Cognizer provides technology to detect and extract complex terms and clauses from legal contracts. It saves this information in a powerful graph database for sophisticated analysis of the contracts. It then provides a Conversation AI interface to this important contract information to the entire organization.

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Cognizer Solutions

Genius can extract over 1,000 Terms and Clauses with greater than 95% accuracy, and it organizes the information into a comprehensive Knowledge Graph. This can be used for enrichment of enterprise systems, analysis, and insight. It also allows a user to ask sophisticated questions about their contracts in plain English.
Total Chaos

Total Control

Conversation AI

Have a conversation with your contracts. Ask any question and get an Instant Answer.

Analysis & Insight

Understand the risks, opportunity and Compliance in your contracts.

Knowledge Graph

Organize information into a powerful Knowledge Graph for complex analysis.


Extract 1,000 Terms and Clauses and enrich your core systems.

Cognizer provides both a user application called Genius and a platform called Cortex. Genius allows users to have a conversation with their contracts. They can also see all of the details of a contract with the Genius ICA Viewer and even teach the system new Terms and Clauses.

Cortex provides web services for extraction, comparison, and graphing contract Terms and Clauses.

Genius Application


  • Asks any question of your contracts and get an immediate answer.
  • Conversation AI provides follow-on and clarifying questions.
  • 500 millisecond average response time.
  • Personalized you user’s behavior.


The Genius QnA is an innovative solution that allows users to ask questions about their contracts and receive speedy responses. The system utilizes advanced Conversational AI technology to handle follow-on questions and clarification questions, ensuring that users get accurate answers.

Additionally, its Conversational AI capabilities personalize the user experience by considering their preferences and behavior, resulting in an efficient and customized experience. This experience is particularly useful for those who need to review contracts regularly.

By leveraging the Genius QnA, users can save time and improve the accuracy of their contract reviews. The system provides quick and precise responses, eliminating the need for manual research and communication. This allows users to focus on other important tasks while the AI takes care of the heavy lifting.


  • Viewer for any PDF or Word Document.
  • Visually displays identified terms/clauses.
  • Shows list of other locations for terms in the contract.
  • Search for similar documents or similar clauses.


Genius allows users to upload and view the contract PDF or Word documents and visually display the identified Key-terms or clauses by highlighting them in its contract viewer. It also shows a list of other places within the contract where a particular term has been used or a clause is distributed across the contract. Also, the users can search for similar documents or clauses, which is useful for reviewing multiple contracts or legal documents. 

Briefly, Genius increases the efficiency and accuracy of legal document review, making it easier for users to locate specific information in a contract file and make informed decisions based on the information at hand. 


  • Highlight term or clause.
  • Match against Large Data Set.
  • Few-Shot Learning.
  • Secure learning.


Did you know that by using Human in the Loop module, a user can teach Genius new key terms and clauses as well as correct Genius where the extraction of the labels is wrong? The steps to teach are as simple as highlighting the text of a contract and adding the correct title.   Genius is so advanced with its learning abilities that with just a few examples of any new clause it will start to learn and identify them on its own. Similarly, when a user corrects extraction of some of the clauses, Genius updates itself and corrects all other extractions. Once Genius has learnt a new clause or key term it will not only correct the extraction in the existing contracts, but all the new ingestions will also be extracted in the same manner. Additionally, all this learning is limited to an organization which means that only the tenant (organization) will enjoy the benefit of the learnt model. It also means that Genius will be customized to learn based on your dataset and cater to only your organization end users.?

Cortex Platform


  • Reads contract word for word, sentence by sentence.
  • Identify 100 contract types and 1,000 terms/clauses.
  • Enrich CLMs and Contract Management Solutions.
  • 97% accuracy and continuous learning.


Genius goes through each word, sentence, and paragraph in a contract that is ingested. Each sentence of a contract is compared to the terms and clauses supported by Genius (1,000 key terms and clauses right now). As a result, more accurate and higher confidence terms and clauses are extracted by Genius which includes distributed clauses (and key terms later).  Cortex Platform gives you the ability to export the extracted information. Customers can export and thus enrich the data on the various contract management solutions. The platform has an easily integrable API and supports various other formats (like JSON).  Cognizer always strives to make sure that we maintain and increase our accuracy with every question being asked. The 1,000 clauses and key terms have an average accuracy of 97% and we are continuously learning and improving this accuracy. 


  • Compare by meaning.
  • Compare multiple documents.
  • Compare to standard.
  • Redline text differences.


The compare feature can be used to find similarities and different between two or more contracts. The feature is not just limited to word-by-word comparison (red lining the words that are difference or missing), but also covers semantic meaning as well wherein two clauses that have been written differently can mean the same.  Additionally, a user can upload and select “standard contract type” and can simply “Compare with standard” quickly which results in showing the user how similar or different a contract is with their organization’s standard contract. 


  • Graph Driven.
  • Graph Neural Network.
  • Advanced visualization.
  • Risks, Opportunity, Compliance.


Using the data that is ingested, Genius can create deeper insights of data. Few examples include risks & opportunities. Additionally, Genius can also compare contracts with compliance and visualize the output. 

The insights are not only limited to these, using the Graph Neural Networks (also known as GNN), Genius can create relationships between contracts that no other database can create and give insights like “most influential entity” and “contracts linked to an MSA” etc. When it comes to getting facts out of the GNNs, the sky is the limit.  

When any user asks a question, Genius could provide facts that would reduce the questions asked to help user make a decision.

Genius provides Contract Intelligence to leading providers of Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), Enterprise Legal Management (ELM), Contract Management (CM), and top Enterprise Customers. Our Neural Vector Engine is the most sophisticated in the industry and can provide massive value to your contract solution.