What Genius Does (for your teams!)

Search is broken. Genius is the fix.
Genius finds, extracts and organizes vital facts buried in your content.
Facts you need to power self-service, virtual agents, automation, analysis, compliance and operations.


One AI Platform | Limitless Solutions

Imagine an Alexa that knows all the facts and insights buried in your business files and messages.
That’s Genius! Augmented Intelligence for your Professionals and Enterprise.


What Clients Say

Genius Closes Data Gaps that Impede Growth and Progress

“Genius has made my life a lot easier because I used to struggle to find information I needed to do my job and was too busy answering employee questions. Now we provide better self-service and I can focus on my value producing work.”

HR Manager, Global Technology Vendor.

“’I’ve been looking for a tool like Genius. I need huge amounts of research information (stats, quotes, etc.) from a variety of industries at my fingertips to produce content for my clients.”

Researcher, Global Media Firm

“We have inconsistent information coming from multiple data sources. We needed an AI solution to detect logical inconsistencies that includes multiple facts about the same thing. We need authorized and validated answers, Genius delivers.”

AI Specialist Global Consulting Firm

“We were struggling to know which contracts have price increases because we can’t repeatedly reread hundreds of thousands of contract-related documents. We needed an AI that can crawl our docs and auto-extract these facts so we can enrich our Salesforce CRM”

Chief Information Officer Healthcare Equipment Manufacturer

“The the human time and resources needed to triage information from 2,000-3,000 adverse events related to our many drug trials is not doable. We needed a really smart AI to read and understand what's contained within our many files, messages and systems.”

Chief Digital Officer, Major Life Science Company

“We have 2 billion documents, twice that volume of email and uncountable messages in Google Chat and Teams. We can't find anything, search does not work.”

Director of Internal User Systems, Global Technology Vendor.

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